Aggregate Network Interfaces With Teamd

In RHEL7 it is possible to bind two or more network interfaces together to enhance fault-tolerance or to increase throughput. Bonding is the tried and true method for making this happen but teaming, which employs the teamd service provides a new way to aggregate interfaces. Both ways of going about this are valid for the […]

Kickstart on a Floppy

The age of the floppy disk might have come and gone but the format still has its uses… 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy disks can still be had. An Amazon search performed at the time of this writing returned pages of results. However they appear to have gone back up in price, with the least expensive offering […]

Put KVM VMs on the LAN with a virtual bridge.

RedHat’s virtualization solution known as the Kernel Virtualization Module, or KVM is quite useful. KVM makes it possible to operate several virtual guest operating systems concurrently with relatively modest host hardware. Any given guest VM could then be used as an http server, a mail server, or even a directory server like OpenLDAP or FreeIPA. […]

RHEL6.x NFS Config

If you’ve still got some RHEL 6.x systems in your environment and you need them to share directories via NFS you may struggle as I did to find all the settings for turning on services and opening up ports. Here’s a step by step walkthrough of what I did: First take note of your server […]