Apache Guacamole on Podman

Apache Guacamole is the Swiss Army Knife of remote desktop tools. It offers a WebUI that allows users to access remote hosts on RDP, VNC, and SSH. The good people at the Apache Project call Guacamole clientless since it does not require any additional software on the host-end aside from the servers powering RDP, VNC, […]

Minikube Quickstart

It’s time to learn Kubernetes, in fact, it’s probably past time. I’ve been working my way through Sander Van Vugt’s incredible Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) video course and needed a test environment to apply what I’m learning. His course materials supply Minikube in a VirtualBox VM, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But since I’ve […]

Ansible: A quick and dirty intro.

Ansible is a powerful automation tool for Linux. It operates on the philosophy of anything you can do via SSH you can automate with Ansible. It comes ‘batteries included’ with hundreds of pre-built modules which allow the overwhelmed administrator to accomplish nearly any task across a bevy of remote machines (including Windows machines if necessary). […]

Ansible Vault

Ansible provides an automated means of performing nearly any administrative function against a list of any number of RHEL or CentOS servers in your managed environment. As with local administration, some tasks, such as viewing a configuration file, require only user level permissions, when other administration tasks, such as user creation, require elevated permissions. Where […]

iSCSI Initiators and Targets

It is possible to configure a RHEL or CentOS server as an iSCSI initiator (a.k.a. client), or as an iSCSI target (a.k.a. server). Typically, a server will be configured as a client to a NAS or SAN device however it is absolutely possible to share a logical volume, partition, or entire disk via iSCSI. Configuring […]