Ansible: Subscribe to Red Hat Network

Here’s a quick playbook to subscribe a host, or hosts to the Red Hat Network. Because I use subscription-manager commands so infrequently, I always have to look up usage in the man page first. Now I just run this playbook instead: Don’t forget to create an ansible vault containing rhn_user and rhn_password, and to run […]

Run A Self Hosted GIT Service

Collaboration between developers necessitates some form of Source Code Management. The Linux Kernel’s SCM had received 6,400 commits from 1,175 different contributors in the last 30 days at the time this article was written. Managing this many contributions from so many different sources would not have been possible without GIT, a tool created by Torvalds […]

Ansible: Handlers

Handlers in Ansible provide another type of conditional execution. They define a task or tasks whose execution is dependent upon the completion status of the play. For instance, it is a good practice to define an idle timeout limit on ssh sessions. Configuring idle timeout for the ssh daemon requires setting a limit in seconds […]

Ansible: Know When to Say When

Conditional execution is the powerhouse of every programming language. Ansible provides the when operator to make run-time decisions about whether or not a play should be executed. Ansible’s when statement is analogous to the if statement found in many common programming languages. If the condition tested by the when statement passes (evaluates to True), the […]

checksec – identify security features compiled into Linux binaries

Checkec is an excellent tool written by Tobias Klein for identifying security features which were selected or omitted at compile-time on any given Linux binary. We rarely compile things for ourselves these days, but rather implicitly trust the person who packaged the software we use to have made good choices with security-relevant compiler options when […]

Apache Guacamole on Podman

Apache Guacamole is the Swiss Army Knife of remote desktop tools. It offers a WebUI that allows users to access remote hosts on RDP, VNC, and SSH. The good people at the Apache Project call Guacamole clientless since it does not require any additional software on the host-end aside from the servers powering RDP, VNC, […]

Minikube Quickstart

It’s time to learn Kubernetes, in fact, it’s probably past time. I’ve been working my way through Sander Van Vugt’s incredible Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) video course and needed a test environment to apply what I’m learning. His course materials supply Minikube in a VirtualBox VM, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But since I’ve […]